Swing Dancing For Weight Loss & longevity

Swing Dancing For Weight Loss & longevity, because it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing. Like ceiling fans that went out of style and then came back, so has swing dancing. Some of you may not be aware that ceiling fans went out of style for many years because they were considered old fashioned and had been replaced by air conditioning, only to be discovered years later that that their circulation reduces the cost of operating those air conditioners.

The great bands of the forties are gone but their music lives on. There is a resurgence of their music and especially swing dancing. The major attraction of swing dancing is that it is an partner dance first and foremost. Swing requires most importantly, that you look at your partner and you both have a shared experience. In swing dancing people actually look at each other, with no smartphone in sight.  Research in to mental health and weight control reports of the importance of swing and socializing play and in longevity. Yeah, it’s important to keep your body healthy keep your weight down, and this is a great thing that does both, mental and physical.

Today’s multi-generation dances seniors and young both can enjoy a good time. In at a swing dance your body type and age is not a deterrent to having a good time. People are there I have a good time and both singles and couples are welcome. It’s a socially acceptable practice for the ladies to ask gentleman to dance. You know a lot of times the men just sit there and do women have to dance by themselves. Here the women could go up and said what are you doing sitting there,  let’s dance. Swing dancing offers an intense and enjoyable good time.

One the most important reasons for swing’s revival was a man named Frankie Manning.

Frankie Manning was one of the original lindy hoppers of the Savoy  Ballroom in Harlem of the thirties. Mr Manning toured the world in the thirties and forties of showcasing swing.

After swing went out of style Mr. Manning went to work for the post office, and just as I was about to retire the string revival movement was looking for an inspirational instructor.

In his 60’s he started to tour of the world sharing the joy that swing dancing brings to the world. There is at least one swing dance  taking place every night of the year somewhere in the world. Look for Frankie Manning swing training videos on YouTube, given by the man himself.

Thanks to the life of firming exercises and health benefits that swing dancing offered Mr Manning, he lived to age 94,wouldn’t we all.

Swing dancing for weight loss offer:

Swing dancing is a quick paced and demanding form exercise. You can burn 300 to 400 calories per hour by swing dancing but you won’t even notice that you are exercising. Unlike exercises that are boring and repetitive, swing dancing is exercise you can actually enjoy.

We recommend taking swing lessons from a local dance swing dance school to start off on the right foot part. Caution: just like any exercise ease into it and don’t over do it so.

If you really, really, really hate to exercise swing dancing maybe what you been looking for.

It would improve your health, mind and waistline. Come and join the fun.