Chocolate Can Keep The Doctor Away

  • Chocolate Can Keep The Doctor Away Chocolate Heart
    • Recent research is showing that people who consume some chocolate during the week improve their heart health.
    • It turns out that chocolate has compounds called “polyphenols” that increases blood flow and improves vascular health.

    It is also being reported that the compounds in Cocoa may help reduce inflammation.

    Dark Or Milk Chocolate?

    • It is being reported that dark chocolate contains more of the health beneficial cocoa solids than milk chocolate.
    • Even milk chocolate which contains less cocoa solids is better than not adding any chocolate to your meal plans.

    Pure chocolate “NOT” candy bars. Candy bars contain far too much sugar and calories and will cause weight gain.

    One Ounce

    • One ounce of chocolate at a time 5 or 6 times a week will give your all the health benefits chocolate has to offer.

    The research goes on to report that people who eat chocolate had less diabetes, lower blood pressure, less hypertension and lowering cholesterol levels.


    • Research is showing that people who eat chocolate weekly did better in cognitive testing that those who did not.
    • Cocoa Flavanols improve the flow of blood to the brain.
    • Chocolate also contains caffeine that will increase alertness.
    • You can safely eat chocolate at twice weekly as part of a balance health diet.
    • Not “Candy Bars” full of sugar and fat. We recommend one ounce pure chocolate per day.

    Look for dark chocolate that contains at least 70 percent cocoa solids.

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