Adult Dance Classes Increase Weight Loss & Mental Health

Adult Dance Classes Increase Weight Loss & Mental Health

The Connection:

The reason why people dance tango is to get the feeling of connection. No other dance allows such a close and deep connection. This is why people persist with that goal for a very long time. If it were not for that, people would give up the dance requires a lot of sustained effort to develop that connection. It’s human nature – we all want to connect with other humans.

The beauty of tango is in the oneness of the union rather than the performance of the individual. In tango nothing is ornate, but everything is exquisite and elegant. To tango is to indulge yourself, not to impress others.

On a crowded dance floor who cares about your footwork anyway. The only thing that matters is the feelings you experience.

The Music:

Argentine tango music is based on the works of four major orchestras of tango music. The large amount of different styles these orchestras created provide enough music to dance Argentine Tango all night without repeating the same pattern of movements.
In Argentina a tango orchestra originally were comprised of a string section (of violins, viola, and cello), a bandoneon section (of 3 or more bandoneons), and a rhythm section (of piano and double bass).

Today most of the music played at milongas by DJ’s comes from the Golden Age of tango considered to be from 1935 to 1955.
Recorded music for dancing played by DJ’s at milongas is organized into tandas (sets) of music with the same basic rhythmic form (tango, milonga, or vals). The standard arrangement in Buenos Aires milongas is a tanda of 4 tangos, 3 or 4 valses, or 3 milongas, with the songs selected from recordings of the same orchestra from the same time period in the Golden Age (1930s – 50s).
For milonga and vals it is sometimes difficult to find 3 or 4 songs with similar qualities from the same orchestra that are suitable for dancing, and in these cases a ‘mixed’ tanda containing recordings from several orchestras may be constructed; in rare cases, mixed tandas of tangos with similar qualities may be appropriate.
The music selected for play by a Tango DJ at a milonga has a significant effect on the enjoyment experienced by dancers.

Health Benefits:

It has been reported that tango makes people feel more relaxed, sexier, less depressed, and have increased testosterone levels.

▪              improves coordination, balance, and posture

▪              increases muscle tone and flexibility

▪              reduces stress and anxiety

▪              improves cardiac health

▪              lowers blood pressure

▪              improves memory, focus, and multi-tasking

▪              enables creative and emotional expression

▪              builds greater ease in social situations

▪              imparts that dancer’s aura: standing tall, radiating confidence

▪              is increasingly used as therapy in a wide variety of applications: such as, physical therapy, couples therapy and therapy for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients

Swing Dancing

Why learn to swing dance?  First, swing dancing is very versatile. Since it has been influenced by many forms of music, swing dancers can apply their moves to “old school” tunes or even modern day club, pop and rock songs. Learn to swing dance? Really? Yes!  Swing dancing is also a form of partner dancing. So, you can meet new people, make connections and form a tight social community of friends.

Learn to swing dance! Being the most athletic of all forms of partner and social dancing, swing dancers also find themselves losing weight, feeling healthier, adding longevity and independence to their lives!  Due to skills obtained and the social aspect of swing, many more who deal with issues of confidence, social awkwardness and depression find themselves renewed into a much more vibrant life.

Studies have shown that social dancing is the number one thing you can do for your overall health and swing dancing is the top of that list! Do you need any more reason to learn to swing dance?


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