Why Seniors Should Be Taking A Baby Aspirin Twice A day

Anyone aged 50 and above should take 2 baby aspirins a day.

Two Aspirins a day can prevent a third of colon, throat and stomach cancers and can reduce the risk of death in some cases.

Hundreds of thousands of lives would be saved as reported by the largest and most comprehensive analysis of the use of aspirin.

It can happen at any time at any age:

We recently heard of a young man of only 49 years of age who felt that his arm had fallen asleep while in bed and shrugged it off. In the morning the whole left side of his body was paralyzed.

If you feel you are having a stroke or part of your body is not responding try to smile and lift your arms, if you can’t do these simple tasks get to the hospital right away.

Time is of the essence and you must get the anti-coagulant into your system with in three hours to avoid permanent damage.


  • This research showed that although there was a slightly increased risk of ulcers, stomach bleeding and stroke risk, the benefits of taking aspirin was a “good strategy.”
  • According to investigators, the daily aspirin is now the most important way to prevent cancer after losing weight and quitting smoking.
  • Aspirin can save 6,518 life’s a year from cancer, preventing 474 fatal heart attacks, but at the cost of causing 896 additional deaths from stomach bleeding, strokes and ulcers were reported.

Consult Your Doctor First:

  • Anyone with a high risk of bleeding should consult your doctor before taking aspirin,
  • Aspirin shows promise in preventing certain types of cancer, but it is important to balance this with the problems this can create – such as stomach ulcers, bleeding or stroke.

The recommended dosage:

  • Take two 81 mg Baby Aspirin’s per day as a daily dose.
  • Take one in the morning and one before bedtime.
  • The danger of internal bleeding associated with aspirin could reduce by about a third of the tests and the treatment of persons suffering from the disease, H. pylori in the stomach.
  • Important: “Anyone thinking of taking aspirin should talk to their doctor first”.

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