You Are Now Eligible  For Medicare Now What? Part # 1

You Are Now Eligible  For Medicare Now What? Part # 1What is a Medicare

Advantage Plan?

Who Medicare is for?

•       People ages 65 and older
•       People under age 65 with certain disabilities
•       All people with end-stage renal (kidney) disease (ESRD)
•       Your basic Medicare coverage
•       Part A, which covers hospital costs, as well as skilled nursing facility and hospice care
Part B, which covers certain medical costs, like doctor visits.

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Insomnia & Sleep Apnea Effect On Seniors

Insomnia & Sleep Apnea

Poor Quality Sleep

  • Researchers at University Of California recently reported that the quality of sleep especially among the elderly can cause brain deterioration and substantial memory loss.
  • In the area of the brain where long term memory is stored called the prefrontal cortex receives transferred brain wave memories from the hippocampus which are produced during sleep.

Poor quality of sleep in seniors triggers memories to be trapped in the area called hippocampus and not go to the prefrontal cortex. Causing difficulty remembering names and forgetfulness.

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FREE! Newburgh Swing Dance 1st Thursday Of The Month

FREE! Newburgh Swing Dance 1st Thursday Of The Month-Swing dancing with lesson & live music. Every 1st Thursday of the month at the Newburgh Brewery at 88 Golden Street, Newburgh, NY.

Swing dancing can enrich your life! Make new friends and expand your world! No partner or experience needed!!

5 Habits You Need To Change!

5 Habits You Need To Change!

Many people are searching for ways to live healthier. Most know that this can easily be achieved through proper nutrition and regular exercise. However, there are also other factors that have an effect on your health, and some are maybe easily overlooked. Here are 5 risky behaviors that can harm your health.


It’s no secret that smoking kills. Despite the fact that people are aware of all the health risks associated with smoking, many still do it. It is without a doubt one of the unhealthiest habits in today’s society. This habit can literally cost you your life. Continue reading “5 Habits You Need To Change!”

Like A Heart Attack, But Worst!

Like A Heart Attack, But Worst!

I thought I was having a heart attack but it was worst I had dehydrated myself with the foods I was eating to lose weight.

Excess salt causes your body to retain fluid, which will not only leaving you feeling bloated, but can also lead to high blood pressure. Look for low-sodium options or, better yet, cook your own meals from scratch. Continue reading “Like A Heart Attack, But Worst!”

How To Avoid Making A Very Costly Medicare Mistake

How To Avoid Making A Very Costly Medicare Mistake

Costly Mistake
• If you don’t enrol when within the 7 month period starting 3 months before your 65th birthday and 3 months after your 65th you could be hit with a lifetime penalty on your Medicare insurance premium.
• Full Social Security age is now 66 BUT Medicare is still starts at 65. This rule applies even if you are still working and have medical coverage via your employer.
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Diabetic, Obesity & Weight Loss Foot Care Made Easy

Diabetic, Obesity & Weight Loss Foot Care Made Easy

Diabetic Feet:
Take off your shoes & socks
Ask your health care provider to check your feet.
Report any changes in how your feet look or feel.
1-Wash your feet thoroughly
2-Dry your feet thoroughly (between the toes)
3-Apply moisturizer to your feet ( not between the toes)
4-Wear moisture resistant socks
5-Never walk barefoot
6-Wear shoes that fit well
7-Check your feet for sores, cuts, blisters, corns and redness
8-DO NOT soak your feet!
9-DO NOT smoke
10- Change your diet to Low Carb plan
11- Lose weight
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How to Cut Rx Drug Costs

How to Cut Rx Drug Costs

Are you struggling with the soaring cost of prescription drugs? CBS MoneyWatch recently reported that drug prices are predicted to soar nearly 50% over the next few years.

As your advisor, I want to help you find ways to contain these costs so that they don’t interfere with your long-term retirement plans. I’m happy to let you know that can help answer your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan questions. Agents can continue to help you with most Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan questions, but for the more complex issues or prescription-specific questions, you can reach us at 845-380-5809 Continue reading “How to Cut Rx Drug Costs”

2017 Original Medicare Premium & Deductibles

2017 Medicare Premium & Deductibles

Has your doctor ever lowered his prices?

NOPE! And your rates are not going to go down either, or even plateau out either.

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Tango & Personal Hygiene Mistakes

Tango Hygiene Mistakes

Your body!

  • Always slower as close to the Milonga start time as possible.
  • Use an Anti-perspirant not a deodorant!
  • Men avoid any kind of cologne or aftershave. You never know if the women is sensitive to the scent.

Use Coconut oil hair products to give your hair a nice good smell.

Your Mouth

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