Covered Medicaid services for eligible individuals prior/ after a stay in a correctional institution.

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As a result of changes states are adopting in their Medicaid programs, individuals in many states who were previously uninsured now are eligible for Medicaid coverage, including a significant numbers of justice-involved individuals. While the Medicaid statute limits payment for services for individuals while residing in correctional institutions, Medicaid coverage can be crucial to ensuring a successful transition following incarceration. Many individuals in the justice involved population have a high prevalence of long-untreated, chronic health care conditions as well as a high incidence of substance use and mental health disorders. Facilitating enrollment in Medicaid and supporting access to services following incarceration has the potential to make a significant difference in the health of this population and in eligible individuals’ ability to obtain health services that can promote their well-being. Such enrollment will also help individuals with disabilities obtain critical community services to avoid crises and unnecessary institutionalization.

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