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I Can Help You Research Your Medicare Options

I can help you do your research! 

, A majority of seniors, MAKE THE MISTAKE OF NOT researching available  PLANS, and pick the first company a friend or a T V commercial recommend, not doing your homework can cost you dearly. 

A majority of seniors, MAKE THE MISTAKE OF NOT researching available PLANS, and pick the first company a friend or a T V commercial recommends, not doing your homework can cost you dearly.I know, because when I became eligible for Medicare, I made that same mistake, myself. Once I learned  there was, a better way, I started to educate myself, just like you are doing  now. I learned that all Medicare supplement plans must offer the exact same benefits, the ONLY,  difference being what they charge for the coverages. 

I learned that all Medicare supplement plans must offer the exact same benefits, the ONLY,  difference being what they charge for the coverages. I am an independent Medicare agent and represent all the major companies which means I can find you the plan with the most benefits for the lowest cost. My services don’t cost you any more than buying direct, but  making the wrong choice can. I created a webinar, for you that is informative, interesting, but better you SHORT! “New To Medicare” online virtual class offered by Senior Health Corp.com will offered from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM daily until end of March . Go to www.insuredmeds.com/PWTE to register. The class is intended for people who are new to Medicare and need to learn about Medicare Parts A, B, C and D. Topics will include, a comprehensive introduction to Medicare including what Medicare covers, supplemental insurance and Part D prescription coverage. Class participants will learn how Medicare enrollment works, how to get the most benefits for the lowest cost and what Medicare plan options are available. All done online Please visit https://www.insuredmeds.com/PWTE to register. The class is FREE, but I do have one request to ask of you , please post a review/comment on what you learned and if it was of value to you, please share with your friends and family. Your comments counts! Register today!