A Better Way To Pay For Long Term Care MoneyGuard Presentation

A form of life insurance with a long term care rider.

Qualified long-term care benefits include:
Many benefits including: Long Term Care, Return Of Premium Rider and a Death Benefit:
Home healthcare, assisted living, nursing home, adult daycare, personal care services, hospice services, alternative care services. Benefits may vary by state.
Expenses are reimbursed up to the monthly maximum for all levels of care and they are intended to be income tax-free under IRC Section 104(a)(3)
Return of Premium Rider (ROPR)
The amount of premium that is returned upon full surrender of the policy will be the greater of
the cash surrender value or 100% of the initial premium paid less any loans, loan interest, or withdrawals taken from the policy or long-term care benefits paid.

The policy terminates when this rider is exercised. The charge for the ROPR is deducted from the policy value.
Residual death benefit
If your entire specified amount of death benefit has been used to pay to long-term care, Lincoln MoneyGuard
Reserve will pay your beneficiary a residual death benefit. At the time you purchase the policy, the benefit is equal to 10% of the initial death benefit.

The residual death benefit will be adjusted by 10% of any loans, loan interest, withdrawals, or loan repayments. Loans are
charged interest. (Not available in New Jersey or New York.)