Month: February 2019

Health Care For Female Vets

Health Care For Female Vets Female Vets Deserve Better Our female veterans deserve better care when they come home. They deserve treatment opportunities and care that is gender specific. Trying to tailor medical and mental health treatments designed for men to work with women is not an option. Systems...

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Why Get Other Insurance If You Have VA Healthcare?

How VA works with other health insurance! Why VA Asks About Other Coverage’s Why does VA require you to provide information on your health insurance coverage (including coverage under a spouse’s plan)? They ask for this information because they have to bill your private health insurance provider for any...

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How To Best Take CBD Oil-The Best Way

How To Best Take CBD Oil-The Best Way It is best to take sublingually. Place it under your tongue and hold for 1-3 minutes then swallow. Do not drink, eat or smoke for at least 15-30 minutes afterwards for optimal absorption. CBD Oil is the highest quality CBD...

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