To Lose The Fat, Lose The Wheat!

Is Wheat The Cause of Your Obesity?

 It isn’t Wheat Any More

  • The wheat in the modern diet has no relationship to original wheat other than the name.
  • The wheat we consume today is so far removed from the wheat of our ancestors that they would not recognize it.

We should all avoid eating the wheat the food industry has created using synthetic pesticides and commercial chemical fertilizers.

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Insomnia & Sleep Apnea Effect On Seniors

Insomnia & Sleep Apnea

Poor Quality Sleep

  • Researchers at University Of California recently reported that the quality of sleep especially among the elderly can cause brain deterioration and substantial memory loss.
  • In the area of the brain where long term memory is stored called the prefrontal cortex receives transferred brain wave memories from the hippocampus which are produced during sleep.

Poor quality of sleep in seniors triggers memories to be trapped in the area called hippocampus and not go to the prefrontal cortex. Causing difficulty remembering names and forgetfulness.

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FREE! Newburgh Swing Dance 1st Thursday Of The Month

FREE! Newburgh Swing Dance 1st Thursday Of The Month-Swing dancing with lesson & live music. Every 1st Thursday of the month at the Newburgh Brewery at 88 Golden Street, Newburgh, NY.

Swing dancing can enrich your life! Make new friends and expand your world! No partner or experience needed!!

Argentine Tango Away Early Alzheimer’s

Argentine Tango Away Early Alzheimer’s


  • The brain rewires itself based on how you use it.
  • The Hippocampus and the cerebral cortex respond to learning new things that use both your body and brain.

Learning to dance and Tango in particular due to it being a dance that requires more attention to detail than other dances can work wonders.

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Benefits Of Coffee: New Research

Health Benefits Of Coffee: New Research

Heart & Strokes

•       It is being reported that drinking a cup of coffee a day can reduce the occurrence of strokes by up to 25%.

•       In Portugal research is showing that 3 to 4 cups of coffee daily reduces the risk of heart disease.

Heart related illnesses have been linked to low consumption of coffee a report from Harvard found.

The Brain

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