Weight Loss Motivation For Seniors

Weight Loss Motivation
Make a plan and then follow it!
If you FAIL to plan, you plan to FAIL!
Stop saying Tomorrow!
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit!
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Why Exercise Increases Weight Loss For Seniors

The Role Of Exercise In A Ketogenic Diet

Without a doubt, exercise is extremely important, whether you are following a low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle or not. However, exercise is able to act more efficiently when following a ketogenic diet.

Let’s face it- the primary reason you are exercising is to look good, period. Sure, health benefits are a nice secondary benefit, but if we are brutally honest, it’s because looks matter to almost all people.


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How To Lose Weight & Improve Cholesterol


http://www.saturdaymorningdiet.com/ketogenic-diet-ebook/Studies Show Low Carb Diets Improve Cholesterol

Low carbohydrate diets can help a person lose weight and can help a person maintain good health.

Carbohydrates and Cholesterol

One of the most common debates among dieticians is the role that carbs play in eating a healthy diet. Some dieticians believe that carbs aren’t essential for adequate nutrition and that it increases your risk of neurological disorders, cancer, and diabetes.

Others believe that we need to eat carbohydrates in order to have good health and that carbs should be a part of everyone’s diet, making up the majority of the calories we take in. Continue reading “How To Lose Weight & Improve Cholesterol”

The Health Benefits Of Low-Carb Besides Weight Loss For Seniors

The Health Benefits Of Low-Carb Besides Weight Loss For Seniors

Low carb has been studied and it is well documented that their effectiveness is multi-faceted. Of course, the thousands of people who have lost a lot of weight and were able to keep it off makes a low carb eating plan something of an attractive proposition, especially since it is not your typical fad diet, but  actually a lifestyle change. Continue reading “The Health Benefits Of Low-Carb Besides Weight Loss For Seniors”