Month: September 2016

Fats, Facts Or Myths About Weight Loss

Click here to get your copy Wait just a darn minute, so you mean to tell me fats are not the bad guys? That they are merely “accomplices,” or the subject of peer pressure? Yep, chances are you have been wrong about fat your entire life. Kind of...

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How To Buy Medicare Insurance Online In the Comfort Of Own Home

It’s the image most of us have when we think of buying insurance: agent and client sitting at the kitchen table, discussing plans and premiums, and sealing the deal by putting pen to paper. Many of today’s seniors are often uncomfortable inviting strangers into their homes, which means, fewer...

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It’s Sugar, Not Fat, That Makes You Fat!

It’s Sugar, Not Fat, That Makes You Fat! The Sugar Industry Researcher Cristin Kearns has published a report in The Journal of the American Medical Association, that the Sugar Industry paid researchers to link fat and cholesterol, NOT SUGAR, to increased risk of heart disease. When fats were removed...

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Ketogenic Diet For Seniors Only $19.95

Automatically Reduce Hunger, Burn Fat, Make Your Heart Healthier, and Naturally Control Food Cravings… While Your Body Does All Of The Work! What fuel are you running on?  Likely, your answer is carbs, like starches, fruit, and other sugars. When you walk, or talk, or simply move through your...

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