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Keep this list and send a copy to your senior friends and relatives.

As I was waiting in line behind an older gentleman at Wendy’s recently, I heard him ask for his senior discount.  The girl at the register apologized and charged him less.  When I asked the man what the discount was, he told me that seniors over age 55 get 10% off everything on the menu, every day.  Being of ‘that’ age myself, I figured I might as well ask for the discount too.  This incident prompted me to do some research, and I came across a list of restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, travel deals and other types of offers giving various discounts with different age requirements.  I was actually surprised to see how many there are and how some of them start at the young age of 50.
This list may not only be useful for you, but for your friends and family too.

If you aren’t there yet, just look what you have to look forward to!!!!

DownLoad FREE Senior Discount List Here: Senior discount list

  senior discounts list includes:
seniors discounts at restaurants
senior discounts at retail & apparel
senior discounts at Grocery Stores
senior discounts on travel
senior discounts on overnight accommodations
senior discounts on activities & entertainment
senior discounts on cell phones
senior discount on haircuts

YOU must ASK for your discount! 

How To Get A Discount At The Pharmacy Using Medicare


June 2016 Newsletter

“Happy Birthday” to all our June babies!

How To Get A Discount At The Pharmacy Using Medicare

If you hit the donut hole you have to start shopping for all the discounts you can find.

You may be surprised to find that some of the older generic drugs go for as low as $4.00 for a 30 day supply and as little as $10.00 for 3 month supply.

Members of Sam’s Plus program can get free drugs if you paid cash to join.

You may find it less expensive to use the discounts than to through than making an insurance claim. Continue reading “How To Get A Discount At The Pharmacy Using Medicare”