Month: February 2016

How To Prevent Fraud As You Age

Older people may be victims of scams and frauds like insurance, home repairs, telephone, or Internet fraud. Even friends “trusted” or family members have been known to steal money or property of a person. The following tips may be helpful: Do not be afraid to hang up on telemarketers....

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How To Pick The Right Retirement Home

The decision to move from the comfort of your home in a retirement home is not one to be taken lightly, and requires a lot of thought and preparation. So what should you be looking for? First is peace of mind. If you are able to live without the...

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How & Why To Be Careful With Your Medicare Card

But the Medicare ID is more than an identifier. It’s proof of insurance. Beneficiaries need to show their Medicare card at the doctor’s office and the hospital in order to have Medicare pay for treatment. Over the years, many consumer advocates, have called for a new form of Medicare...

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Special Health Alert For Senior Women: Talcum Powder May Cause Cancer

​ Special Alert For Senior Women: Talcum Powder May  Cause Ovarian Cancer! It was reported by Google News on February 24, 2016 that Johnson & Johnson have been ordered by a court to pay $72 Million for selling Talc-Containing Products which contribute to ovarian cancer. What is Talcum Powder?...

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How Eating Chicken Can Be Good Or Bad For Seniors

How Eating Chicken Can Be Good Or Bad For Seniors Chicken is a diet staple because it is very low in fat and has high quality protein. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts that have no added fattening ingredients are low in calories and fat. Fried chicken is bad, breaded and...

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